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1, most of the oil is to animals, plants and as the source material, the use of squeezing, liquid extraction process, and then the solid oil in the solid separation. Such as peanut oil, walnut oil, if using the ordinary industrial filter cloth media filtration filtrate could not clear, such as slightly increased pressure filtration, on the one hand will make the filter cake resistance increased, decreased rate of filtration; on the other hand grease containing in the cake can not be recycled and caused great losses. Some jelly is also easy to deform through the filter gap, the quality of the oil are not guaranteed, low yield 50KG-150KG. Such as the use of disposable filter media (such as PP or PE filter, etc.) and is very easy to plug, and consumes a large, high operating costs. Therefore, the use of conventional methods in the selection of the filter media has a certain degree of difficulty. Tubular centrifuge
2 senior edible oil filter separator senior edible oil clarification in the field has been widely used in, it is by centrifugal force filter grease, no filter, filter aperture blocking problem does not exist to improve the oil quality increased the yield. Original filtration equipment: such as frame into account oil machine, vacuum oil filter are blocked, on Yield and quality of the products has an impact, especially in the filter cloth, filter, filter consumption is particularly large, namely, the use of recycled recoil is unable to achieve to reduce cost and improve yield. If in advanced vegetable oil processing by GQ type filter separator (oil clarification), can obtain the effect of ultrafiltration: less than 0.5um material, so that oil is clear and transparent absolutely no sediment, greatly improving the quality of the oil, the hourly output of 500KG-800KG, no any supplies, motor 3.0KW reduced enterprise production cost.
My company produces high-grade edible oil filter separator drum material is made of 316L stainless steel, body material common type and coated 304 stainless steel clean type, drum diameter is 125mm and 145mm, for the current domestic large tubular centrifuges most stable products, separation factor is 21000, particles can be separated from 0.4um is currently the most technologically leading oil separator. Grease filter separator is high-grade edible oil (peanut oil, tea tree oil, pine seed oil, walnut oil, olive oil, etc.) fine filtration of the best equipment. Solid-liquid separator
GQLB-Z traditional Chinese medicine clarification type pipe separator is a separator tube in series. It is designed for traditional Chinese medicine products industry, plant extraction industry design of a model. This machine is not the loss of effective ingredients in medicines, shorten the settling time, improve the clarity, increase production. The model is divided into two types of clean and ordinary type, suitable for different users. Products fully able to meet the requirements of GMP certification. According to the actual production and requirements of users, there are 32 models for users to choose. Users such as the separation of flammable and explosive materials, put forward using explosion-proof motor or closed with the exhaust pipe of the models in order.
Industrial centrifugal separator according to the structure and separation requirements, can be divided into filtering centrifuge, centrifuge and separator three. Separator can only be used to separate low concentration suspensions and emulsions, including disc type separator, separator and cup type separator tube.

Working Principle                                                                                                 :                             
The centrifuge has a winding axis high-speed rotating cylinder itself, called the drum, usually driven by electric motors. Suspension (or emulsion) join drum after being driven and drum rotate at the same speed, under the action of centrifugal force in the separation of the components, and were discharged. Usually, the rotational speed is higher, the better the separation effect. Make suspension liquid in centrifugal force field generated by the centrifugal pressure, as filtrate and solid particles trapped in the basket, so as to realize the liquid-solid separation, centrifugal sedimentation is the use of suspension (or emulsion) of different density of each group in centrifugal force field in the settlement of layered principle, the liquid - solid (or liquid) from the important indicator to measure centrifuge separation performance is the separation factor. It said separation is the ratio of the material in the drum of centrifugal force and gravity, separation factor is large, usually separated from the more rapid, separation effect is better. Industrial pipe separator for the separation factor is generally 13500 to 15700, speeding tube separator for the separation factor is up to 20000, analysis speed centrifuge separation factor up to 610000. Another factor is the processing capacity of centrifuge drum work area, work area of large capacity is also large. In addition, suspension of solid particles in the rules were more difficult and entrained liquid or liquid separation of fine particles will increase. In this case, centrifuge, need to have a higher separation factor can effectively separate; the suspension liquid viscosity, separation slowed; suspension emulsion or components of the density difference, the centrifugal sedimentation favorable, and suspension centrifugal filtration is not required in each group divided into density difference.
Choose centrifuge must be according to the density difference between the suspension (or emulsion) of solid particles size and concentration, solid and liquid (or two liquids), the characteristics of liquid viscosity, residue (or sediment), and the separation requirements are comprehensive analysis to meet the cake (sediment) moisture content and filtrate (liquid) clarify the degree of separation, preliminary selection using which kind of centrifuge. Then, according to the quantity of the treatment and the automation of the operation, the type and size of the centrifuge are determined. Finally, it is verified by the actual test.
Usually, with particle size of more than 0.01mm particles in suspension, selection of filtering centrifuge; for the suspension of tiny particles or compression, appropriate chooses settlement centrifuge; for low suspending liquid containing solid content, particle small and of liquid clarification request high when, should choose Liaoyang Hongji Machinery Co., Ltd.

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